Terms and Conditions

Chalet Charbray

  1. Unless explicitly and specifically agreed by the Owner, check-in time is no earlier than 16h and check-out time is no later than 10h.
  2. The booking. The minimum age to book is 21 years old.  Your booking is made as a consumer and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any business or personal losses howsoever suffered or incurred by you. You as Guest assume responsibility and agree to abide by the terms and conditions at all times and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else you as Guest permit on the property to abide by the rules at all times.  When the confirmation of booking is made, the details must be checked carefully.  If anything is not correct, please tell Owner immediately.
  3. Property.  The property is located on Impasse de la Chapelle, 1918 La Tzoumaz.  The property is a fully-furnished, two-story chalet with separate mezzanine, 4 bedrooms (10 beds in total), 3.5 bathrooms + guest WC, laundry room, sauna (3 people) and outdoor hot tub (5 people). Bed linens and towels for 10 guests are included in the rental, as are heating, electricity and water.  The property is leased in perfect condition, which is recognized by Guest.
  4. Cleaning:  The chalet will be clean when you arrive and will be cleaned again after your departure.  There is no daily housekeeping service.
  5. Rental Rate and Fees.  As per site reservation.
  6. Maximum Occupancy. The maximum number of guests is limited to 10
  7. Security Deposit: CHF 1000.- .
  8. Obligatory Tourist Taxes: La Tzoumaz charges CHF2.50-/day/adult (18-60 years of age) and CHF1.25/child (6-17)/day. You can pay your tourist taxes to the Property Manager prior to picking up the keys to the chalet, if you have not paid them in advance.
  9. Damage to Property. You are responsible for the replacement costs of any breakage or damage in or to the accommodation and its contents, along with any additional costs incurred by Owner as a result.  Owner or his representative Property Manager will check the property for any damages, which will be communicated to you within one week of your departure.  The Security Deposit, minus any charges for broken/damaged items, will be returned to you within two weeks of your Departure Date.  You are required to inform the Owner or appointed Property Manager of any breakage, repair, damage or problems during your stay on or before the Departure Date.  The cost of any damage is not limited to the amount of the Security Deposit and you may be invoiced for the difference between the Security Deposit and the actual cost of any repairs, payable by bank transfer upon receipt.  All repair invoices will be made available to you.
  10. Access. Guest shall allow Owner access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection.  Owner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.
  11. All payments will be done by bank transfer. Details for bank transfer will be provided at that time.
  12. If you are paying in a currency other than Swiss Francs you are liable for foreign exchange charges. Please make sure you accept these when making the transfer of funds.
  13. If you cancel your booking. The Security Deposit is 100% refundable.  The 50% deposit on the rental rate is non-refundable, unless you cancel at least 3 months before your arrival date. If you cancel your booking before the balance is due (i.e. 4 weeks prior to Arrival Date), you will not be liable for the balance of the full cost of your booking.  However, cancellation by you after the balance has been paid will result in a loss of the full payment of the rental rate.
  14. If we cancel your booking. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel your booking for any reason you will be refunded the full amount of payment(s) made until that point.
  15. Check-out Policy. You are asked to leave the Property in the same condition to which you found it.
    • Please inform Owner or Property Manager of any breakages, damage, or problem encountered during your stay
    • Please leave the kitchen clean and tidy, including the ovens
    • Please empty the fridge of any perishable items
    • Please make sure the dishwasher is stacked and on or that washing up has been done and put away
    • Please leave wet towels in the bathroom(s)
    • Please empty trashcans in rooms and remove rubbish and empty bottles from the property according to the guidelines for La Tzoumaz which you can find in the Chalet Guide (or through the property manager.)
  16. Smoking policy. The property is strictly non-smoking. If you do smoke, please smoke outside using an ashtray and dispose of the ends in a correct and sensible manner. Never throw your cigarette ends anywhere outside the property: the wind could blow them back and start a fire. You will be responsible for any damage caused by smoking.
  17. Pet policy. Pets are NOT allowed.
  18. Shoe policy. Please note that it is a Swiss custom is to remove shoes inside the home. There is ample space and cupboards in the entrance hall to leave your street shoes and boots, and there are also some guest slippers if you forget yours!
  19. Open fire place. We ask you to take great care when using the fireplace. Please make sure that you do not ever leave the fire or any burning candles unattended. It is essential that the instructions for use of the fire place in the Chalet Charbray User Guide are followed. Please keep the protective glass down at all times, except when tending directly to the logs, as needed.  A closed air vent, for example, will result in smoke everywhere, requiring extra cleaning fees, as well as a fire hazard.
  20. Use and Replace policy. You will find that the chalet is stocked with kitchen basics including spices, flour, teas, sugar, dried and canned goods, toilet paper, etc.  Feel free to use what is there and if you finish it, then just replace it!  The local store in La Tzoumaz has the items, or comparable ones, and is open 7 days a week.
  21. Hot tub policy. There are numerous points which require your attention in order to enjoy the use of the hot tub:
      • Use at your own risk. The Owner declines any responsibility related to hot tub use. Please ensure that hot tub users are in good health. Check the temperature, especially with children.
      • The property manager will show you how to run the 10-minute clean cycle with 2.5 tablespoons of SpaClear product. Do this after each day of use to maintain proper hygiene. Do not be surprised if our local property manager stops by to check sanitization levels or to add maintenance products. This is done to ensure your comfort.
      • The tub is located outdoors on the lower terrace and may have no more than 5 people in it at any given time.
      • Never leave the hot tub open and unattended, especially with children present! This is not only dangerous but also will cause the temperature of the hot tub to decrease too quickly!
      • Please shower before use and enter and exit the hot tub with care, using the stairs that are provided next to the hot tub. Clogs are provided for your use outside in order to keep the indoor carpets clean and to avoid dirt and pebbles from entering the tub.
      • Please keep noise at a reasonable level to be respectful of your environment and the neighbors.
      • Please wear appropriate bathing attire, as street clothes have residual soap in the fabric and will cause filter and “bubbling” issues.
      • No drinks or food are allowed in the hot tub.
      • Do NOT stand or sit on the hot tub cover! The hot tub cover is for insulation purposes and is not designed to support the weight of a person or persons.
      • Do NOT use any instruments to remove snow on the cover; rather, use gloves or a broom. Any break or perforations in the hot tub cover will ruin the insulation capacity and you will be invoiced for a new hot tub cover (CHF1900.-!)
      • You are liable for any damages to the hot tub and will be invoiced for any reparations due to misuse, including “emergency” (such as food, urine or excrement) emptying and refilling (CHF500.-!)
      • If you see that you have displaced a lot of water and the jets are shooting water above the water level, feel free to fill the bucket in the laundry room as many times as needed to add water to the hot tub so that the movement of the jets does not splash over the top of the water level. Please note that it takes approximately 1 hour to raise the temperature by 1 degree Celsius, once the hot tub is closed.
      • Should you choose not to use the hot tub during your stay, please advise before your Arrival Date and we will lock the hot tub prior to your arrival.
  22. The parking spaces just outside the chalet are for your use during your stay.  Fresh snow will be cleared for you shortly after snowfall if the parking space is left empty.
  23. Emergencies. In case of emergencies, please contact the local property managers Anna, Percy, or Patrick at +41 (0)79 355 2814.